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Special equipment for detection of chemical agents and contraband

The instruments in this section combine gamma radiation detection capability for the detection of illicit radioactive sources, with special sensors for detection of contraband or chemical agents; used primarily for security applications.

PM2010M Chemical warfare agent and gamma radiation detector

PM2010M Chemical warfare agent and gamma radiation detector The PM2010M is a two-in-one instrument featuring both a detector for chemical warfare agents and a detector for gamma radiation. The instrument is able to detect and differentiate between organophosphorous (GA, GD, GB, VX, etc.) and organoarsenic (Lewisite, etc.) compounds, as well as monitor the radiation background continuously and provide audible and visual alarms when the preset alarm thresholds are exceeded. The PM2010M requires very little training or maintenance and operates on two AA batteries for more then 40 hours in a normal environment. The device can easily be clipped to a belt for convenient use. The PM2010M uses Ion Mobility Spectrometry principles for detecting chemical warfare agents. Ion Mobility Spectrometry provides rapid response time at very low vapor concentrations while also guaranteeing high selectivity and accuracy to minimize the probability of false positives. The device has four LED indicators: green to indicate when the instrument is on, flashing yellow to indicate that the radiation levels have exceeded the threshold, a flashing red to indicate organophosphorus levels have exceeded their threshold concentration and a further flashing red to indicate that the concentration of organoaresenic has exceeded the preset threshold.

PM1401T Contraband detector

PM1401T Contraband detector The PM1401T Contraband detector detects the presence of objects hidden in hollow spaces, such as sections, tires, fuel tanks etc, and is also equipped with a radiation monitor that allows the instrument to detect, measure and locate radioactive and nuclear materials. Generally used for monitoring borders, the instrument is able to search for hidden contraband goods while also searching for radiation sources.

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