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nuclear radiation detection and measurement

Radiation detectors: Instruments for the detection and measurement of ionizing radiation

Radiansa supplies a range of radiation detectors and analyzers for use in applications including search and detection of radioactive materials, personal dosimetry, security and border control, environmental monitoring and radon gas measurement.

Our catalog of radiation detection and measurement instrumentation is grouped into the following sections, according to the primary function of each device:

radiation survey meters
General-purpose survey meters - portable radiation monitors used for a wide range of radiation measurement applications; used to measure radiation levels, quantify surface contamination, detect X-ray leakage, warn of elevated radiation risks, conduct contamination surveys..

personal radiation dosimeters
Electronic dosimeters - instruments used to measure and record radiation doses received by individuals and monitor environmental dose rate levels. Indicate radiation doserates in real time, store doserate histories for subsequent download, and activate alarms in high radiation fields.

search radioactive material
Search instruments / PRDs - Personal radiation detectors (PRDs), and instruments designed for the search and localization of radioactive material. Highly-sensitive portable devices used to detect and search for radiation sources either passivly or actively.

portal monitors
Portal monitors - Large, fixed radiation detectors for monitoring entrances or transport infrastructure for the entry/passage of radioactive and nuclear materials. Can be configured to monitor trucks, railways, cars or pedestrians.

radioactive material identifiers
Portable spectrometers - devices able to distinguish and identify different radioactive isotopes, often multipurpose/multitask instruments used to perform a variety of functions and detect different forms of radiation.

radon gas monitors

Radon measurement - instruments for evaluation of radon and thoron gas concentrations in homes, workplaces, construction sites, public buildings, etc; measure radon levels in air, soil and water.

radiation in food monitors

Radioactivity in food - equipment for measuring levels of radioactivity in foodstuffs and liquids, combining easy-to.use interface for non-expert users, with fast an accurate response to compare radiaiton levels with international standards.

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