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Personal radiation dosimeters

Digital electronic dosimeters are used to measure and record personal radiation doses received by individuals, and to monitor environmental dose rate levels, usually with an alarm to warn when preset dose or dose rate levels are exceeded.

PM1610 X-ray and gamma compact personal dosimeter

PM1610 compact gamma and x-ray dosimeter Miniature professional personal dosimeters, with shockproof rubberized case, designed to monitor and measure the personal dose equivalent Hp(10) and personal dose equivalent rate from both gamma and X-ray radiation. The PM1610 measures both continuous and pulse (from 1 msec) X-ray and gamma radiation in the energy range from 20 keV to 10 MeV. The instrument's non-volatile memory allows for manual or automatic recording up to 4000 events of the dose rate change, acute dose levels, time and levels when the present threshold values were exceeded; the dosimeter communicates with a PC via USB channel with simultaneous battery charging.

PM1621 X-ray and gamma dosimeter

PM1621 X-ray and gamma dosimeter High sensitivity, compact personal electronic dosimeter used for measuring X-ray and gamma radiation dose and conducting surveys of ambient radiation levels. Particularly suitable for personel operating X-ray inspection systems and diagnostic equipment. Incorporates vibration and audible alarm to warn the user of elevated radiation levels; alarm thresholds can be set in terms of both dose rate and accumulated dose. Measures dose and dose rate (personal dose Hp(10) ) from photon radiation down to low energy X-rays (10 keV). Detector is a Geiger-Müller tube, with a dose rate measurement range of 0.1 µSv/hr - 0.1 Sv/hr (option for 1 Sv/hr maximum, model PM1621A) displayed on a backlit LCD. Data including dose histories and alarm events are stored in a non-volatile memory and can be downloaded to a PC via an IrDA (infra-red) port (software included). A clip on the rear of the instrument allows the user to wear the instrument on a belt or pocket.

PM1912 RadFlashII USB Gamma detector

PM1912 RadflashII USB gamma radiation detector The PM1912 RadFlash®II is a unique radiation detector/dosimeter designed in the form of USB flash drive and supplied with a geographical networked software package. The software supplied with the device transmits radiation background measurements into a global system of radiation monitoring called Flash Radiation Monitor and displays them in Google Maps. Each user has access to geographic information system of all RadFlash II devices to monitor the global radiation environment. The PM1912 RadFlash II can be operated in 2 modes, Autonomous operation mode and PC connection mode. In Autonomous mode, the PM1912 continuously measures ambient Dose Equivalent (DE) and ambient Dose Equivalent Rate (DER), and when dose or doserate thresholds are exceeded, the device activates an alarm. The detector also automatically records radiation levels (up to 500 DE and DER measurements). In PC connection mode, the PM1912 is connected to a USB port of a PC or laptop, and gives instantaneous dose (DE) and doserate (DER) measurements on the computer screen, measurement history and access to the radiological geo information system. The PM1912 RadFlash II is powered by a built-in long lasting rechargeable battery, with a lifetime between charges up to 500 hours. Charging is carried out via USB.

PM1603 Wristwatch gamma dosimeter

PM1603 Wristwatch gamma dosimeter An personal radiation dosimeter built into a digital wristwatch with shockproof hermetic case, continuously displaying dose rate with a measurement range of 1 µSv/hr - 5 Sv/hr (option for 10 Sv/hr maximum, model PM1603B) and accumulated dose on a backlit LCD (ambient dose H*(10) ). The PM1603 wristwatch dosimeter activates an audible alarm in case dose or dose rate thresholds are exceeded, and flashing LCD signal at maximum reading. Accumulated dose and dose rate measurement histories can be stored in the device's non-volatile memory and downloaded to a PC through a standard IrDA (infra-red) port for dose accounting and control. Watch functions include calendar (day, date, month, year), alarm and stopwatch, water resistant to 1m depth.

PM1604 Compact personal dosimeter

PM1604 Compact Personal Dosimeter Compact professional digital dosimeters measuring dose and dose rate (personal dose Hp(10) ) from X-ray and gamma radiation. Detector is a Geiger-Müller tube, with a dose rate measurement range of 1 µSv/hr - 5 Sv/hr (option for 10 Sv/hr maximum, model PM1604B) displayed on a backlit LCD. Incorporates both dose rate and accumulated dose alarms; flashes warning in the event of reaching maximum instrument dose. Data including dose histories and alarm events are stored in a non-volatile memory and can be downloaded to a PC via an IrDA (infra-red) port for personnel dose management and accounting (software included).

PM1208M Wristwatch gamma monitor

 A personal Geiger-Müller radiation detector built into a stainless steel wristwatch with a 100m water resistant case. Allows continuous monitoring of radiation levels; the ambient dose rate, accumulated dose and dose accumulation time can be displayed on a backlit LCD in both analog and digital form. An audible alarm is activated if a threshold radiation level preset by the user is exceeded. The Swiss-made (Ronda 763) quartz clock movement features analog and digital time display, alarm and digital calendar functions. The CR2032 battery gives one year of continuous radiation detector operation, clock functions with separate battery. Based on the popular PM1208 wristwatch radiation detector, the new PM1208M version is able to record and store data for up to 500 events in the instruments' non-volatile memory. The PM1208M is also equipped with an infrared-channel allowing communication between the watch and a PC. The user can also program the instrument's settings by using the special PC software provided. Additionally, the user can transfer operational data from instruments' memory to a PC for further data processing and analysis.

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