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Radiation portal monitors and area monitors

Portal monitors are a fixed monitors designed to prevent illicit or accidental movement of radioactive materials through border crossings, scrap metal recycling facilities, transport infrastructure or any other controlled area. Area monitors are smaller, highly sensitive wall-mounted devices for monitoring interiors.

PM5000A series radiation portal monitors

PM5000A Portal monitors are based on a modular design that can be adapted to monitor the movements of pedestrians, trucks, cars, trains etc. according to requirements. The system may consist of gamma and neutron detectors, and optional extras including video monitoring systems, and pager/communication system to the personnel responsible for radiation control and security procedures. The radiation detector units and electronics are housed in pillars mounted on metal framing.

Monitors can be configured for any requirement from small pedestrian entrances, passage of cars and van, trucks, up to larger systems for monitoring the passage of railway carriages. Optionally, the portal monitors can be equipped with remote control, video surveillance systems, and PC control for report generation. Please feel free to contact us for more information. The most typical installations are based on the following models:

  • PM5000A-01H: for monitoring trucks
  • PM5000A-04H: for monitoring pedestrians
  • PM5000A-10H: monitoring trains
  • Download PM5000A product brochure

PM5000A-01 Portal monitors for detecting radiation in trucks

PM5000A-01H pillar

The PM5000A-01H is a two-pillar gamma monitor consisting of 4 gamma radiation detector assemblies used to monitor trucks for radioactive material, especially ideal for installation at the entrance to scrap metal and recycling facilities. Power supply, control and analysis electronics are incorporated into the detector modules; an occupancy sensor detects the presence of a vehicle in the detection zone. The gamma radiation level in counts per second is displayed on an LCD panel; in the event of radiation levels exceeding the preset threshold (based on local background radiation levels) visual and audible alarms are activated. Alarm information is stored for subsequent downloading to a PC. The monitor operates continuously 24 hours a day without personnel interference. In the event of interruption of the power supply, the monitor is powered from a built-in battery and performs all functions for a minimum of 8 hours. The built-in battery is re-charged automatically. Variations include optional neutron detector modules for enhanced detection of Special Nuclear Material (SNM).

PM1710C Wall-mounted radiation detectors

PM1710C Wall-mounted detector

The wall-mounted PM1710C Gamma monitors are highly sensitive instruments designed for radiation monitoring and thus protection of a building against radioactive contamination. The detectors may be fixed near doorways and facility entrances to continuously monitor human traffic and their luggage against radioactive sources presence. The PM1710C has a radiation sensitivity that is close to the sensitivity of the much larger and significantly more expensive pedestrian radiation portal monitors. The PM1710C achieves such sensitivity through their large CsI(Tl) gamma radiation detectors, in a small and compact ergonomic design. When the instrument detects radiation that exceeds the preset threshold values, the alarms will begin to signal the danger via both the audible and visual alarms. To locate the radioactive source, the detector can be easily removed from a wall mounting cradle and used as a regular hand-held radiation detector. Also available with a He-3 neutron detector incorporated (model PM1710GNC).

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