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nuclear radiation detection and measurement

Hand held radioisotope identification devices (RIIDs): portable gamma spectrometers for identification of radioactive material

The devices listed in this section are able to identify radioactive isotopes by analyzing the characteristic gamma emission spectra. The devices are often multipurpose/multitask instruments able to detect different forms of radiation and perform a variety of functions; used to search, detect and identify radioactive materials.

SAM 940 Isotope identifier

SAM 940 Isotope identifier Advanced real time isotope identifier with simple, one-handed operation, designed for first responder units, allowing identification of multiple radionuclides within one second. Upon power-up, the SAM 940 performs a quick self-test and immediately begins monitoring; even after a lengthy power-down, temperature stabilization and automatic calibration guarantees accurate isotope identification results. PC communication through CompactFlash card, ethernet, or USB. Several detector options are available: sodium iodide (NaI) for good efficiency and optimum price/performance, and fast and accurate isotope identification (2"x2" and 3"x3" available); lanthanum bromide for exceptional energy resolution (3% at 662 KeV); and lithium (6Li) neutron detection for enhanced detection of special nuclear materials. A GPS package option is also available, as well as various add-ons including a module for analysis of environmental and food samples.

Nucscout Isotope identifier

Nucscout Isotope identifier The NucScout monitors the local dose rate as well as the activity of six user selectable nuclides. The results are available as time distribution over the whole sampling period. The sampling interval can be adjusted by the user. A complete energy spectrum is saved for each interval on the removable SD memory card. The unit is equipped with an integrated GPS receiver which allows the local assignment of the acquired data. The NucScout can be calibrated by the user, so by the way it is possible to determine and adapt correction factors for any sampling geometry which can be used later on. As an option, the instrument may be ordered with a ZigBee wireless network interface to transfer recent data over several hundred meters to a "base station” computer. The robust 2” x 2” NaI detector is fixed to the ergonomic handle while the electronic box can be removed from the handle by a bayonet catch. This allows the user to place the detector in any position to the radioactive source. The NucScout offers two different algorithms for the activity calculation of the several nuclides. Included in the delivery is a comprehensive software package for data download, result presentation, data export and instrument configuration. The exported data can be shown directly by Google Earth (TM). Remote control of the unit is possible via the integrated USB or optional wireless network.

PM1403 Multipurpose radiation detector and isotope identifier

Polimaster PM1403 isotope identifier The PM1403 is a next-generation, multifunctional, networked-enabled mobile radiation monitor used for measuring all types of ionizing radiation and radionuclide identification. The device is equipped with a built-in CsI(TI) and can be supplied with any combination of four external interchangeable probes for the detection of alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation. The built-in spectrometric CsI(TI) scintillation detector allows for search of gamma radiation sources, measurement the intensity of gamma radiation (count rate and DER dose rate), as well as the accumulation and processing of gamma-spectra and fast identification of radioactive sources. Measurement results and radionuclide identificaton are shown on a bright, easy-to-read color LCD display. The four external probes significantly extend the PM1403's functionality:
BDG1 Gamma probe: highly sensitive NaI(TI) spectroscopic scintillation detector, for search and analysis of low activity or shielded radiation sources
BDG2 Gamma probe: a GM-based detector for the precise measurement of ambient equivalent dose rate of gamma radiation up to the 10 Sv/h.
BDN Neutron probe: He3 slow neutron detector for search, location, and intesity measurement of neutron radiation sources.
BDAB Alpha/beta probe: evaluates alpha and beta contamination levels, and also investigates surface contamination and measures alpha and beta flux.

PM1401K Multipurpose radiation monitor / Identifier

PM1401K Multipurpose radiation monitor Unique radiation survey meter incorporating three detectors for multipurpose use in a package small enough to be worn on a belt. Designed for detection and measurement of alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation, the instrument incorporates 4 measurement channels for: detection, location and identification of radioactive sources; dose rate measurement including alarm; measurement of surface contamination by alpha and beta sources; neutron source detection. On-board detectors as follows: CsI(Tl) scintillator for detection of gamma radiation, with spectroscopic capability for source material identification; Geiger-Müller counter for dose rate measurement and alpha/beta surface contamination survey; He-3 chamber for neutron detection. Includes 1024 channel analyser for gamma spectroscopy with spectra displayed on the LCD. As an option, the PM1401K can be supplied with an IPAQ Pocket PC and software for isotope identification, with data transferred in real time via IrDA (Infra-red) or Bluetooth wireless channels (option PM1401K Identifier).

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