low frequency shielding for buildings

Shielding against low frequency electric fields

Protective paints for shielding areas against external electric field sources, and screened power cables for preventing the generation of electric fields in secondary structures by inductive coupling.

Electric field shielding paints

NSF54 electric field shielding paint

Low frequency electric fields are easily shielded by a conductive surface, and often it is convenient to use a specially produced conductive paint. The paint is available in several formulations, the most widely used being YSHIELD NSF54, composed of carbon particles suspended in a high-quality acrylic binder - the paint contains no metallic components and thus is highly resistant to corrosion. The paint is applied with a roller (can also be sprayed) just like a standard decorative emulsion wallpaint. The NFS54 layer, which is black in colour, can subsequently be painted over with a layer or two of decorative wall paint. The paint is water-resistant, and exhibits high adhesion on many standard construction and decoration materials, such as cement, plaster, masonry, emusion wall paint, etc. The paints do not contain toxic solvents, plasticizers, or any other toxic ingredients.

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Screened power cables

screened wall cable

Screened power supply cables are used to prevent the generation and propagation of unwanted electric fields produced by any voltage-carrying wire or cable. In particular, screened cables are used to prevent the generation of high electric field levels in offices and workplaces that can give rise to the condition known as Lipoatrophia Semicircularis whereby electric fields are generated in office furniture via inductive coupling with power cables. Screened wiring can also be fitted into walls to prevent generation of electric fields in living and working spaces. Several versions are available:

  • Power supply cables for computers, printers, etc (fitted with standard European plug)
  • Open ended power supply cables (fitted with standard European plug)
  • Shielded extension leads (5 m length, fitted with standard European plug)
  • Screened in-wall cables (50 m length)
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