low frequency shielding for buildings

Architectural shielding solutions for low-frequency magnetic fields

Radiansa Consulting supplies specialist architectural magnetic screening materials suitable for installation in diverse situations and building types.

Magnetic shielding materials are used to protect human living and working spaces as well as sensitive electronic installations such a datacenters against low-frequency electric and magnetic fields generated by transformers, power transmission lines, and electrical equipment and machinery.

Magnetic field screening materials can incorporated in the construction of new buildings or retrofitted in existing buildings to reduce ELF electromagnetic field intensity in living or working spaces. We supply shielding materials suitable for all applications, please contact us for expert advice on the materials suited to your project need.

G-iron magnetic field shielding system

The G-iron shielding system is composed of G-iron Flex, a high magnetic permeability alloy sealed in a glass fibre matrix, and a sheet of aluminium alloy. G-iron Flex has an exceptionally high magnetic field screening coefficient due to the interwoven character of the metal. The material exhibits high resistance to corrosion due to the protective glass fibre, making G-iron flex ideal for incorporation with construction materials and underground installations, as well as standard interior shielding work such as transformer shielding.

G-iron flex en fabricaci�n
"G-iron Flex" shielding material
G-iron flex en fabricaci�n
Manufacturing G-iron Flex

G-iron is suited to a diverse range of applications:

  • Shielding wall, floors, and ceilings
  • Shielding transformer centers
  • Customized shielding projects
  • Shielded cable trays
  • Shielded boxes for industrial equipment
  • Please contact us with your inquiry.
G-iron system installation showing G-iron Flex shielding with aluminium ally covering layer
G-iron Flex mounted on wall of electrical substation
Finished G-iron shielding system in electrical transformer room

Mu-metal alloy

We also supply mumetal high magnetic permeability alloy for smaller shielding projects, in various forms such as rolls, sheets and self-adhesive tape. Mu-metal alloy exhibits an exceptionally high screening coefficient and is especially useful for protection of electrical devices, in installations where space is limited, hotspot elimination, shielded boxes, custom designed projects, etc. Please just contact us for more information.

mumetal shielding
Roll of mu-metal shielding alloy

Please feel free to contact us with your inquiry.

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