Architectural shielding solutions for high-frequency electromagnetic radiation

Radiansa Consulting are specialists in architectural shielding against microwave and radio-frequency radiation, providing solutions for exisiting buildings and new constructions worldwide.

Contact us for shielding materials, technical guidance and installation services for effective shielding of residential, commercial and public buildings from electromagnetic radiation. We offer a full range of services, tailored to the needs of your project:

  • Shielding materials supply
  • Turnkey shielding installations
  • Consultancy and expert reports
  • Radiation exposure assesments

Architectural shielding materials are used to protect human living and work spaces against electromagnetic radiation emitted by nearby telecommunications antennae or similar sources of microwave and radiofrequency radiation, and to protect sensitive electronic equipment from interference. Electromagnetic shielding solutions are increasingly incorporated in the construction of new buildings, and are easily retrofitted in existing buildings to reduce electromagnetic radiation intensity in living or working spaces. Concrete, glass, plaster or other building materials can all be shielding effectively against radiation.

We supply electromagnetic shielding materials for all requirements, customized designed shielding systems, and measurement equipment as well as exposure assessments and consultancy services. The guiding principal in protecting people against possible risks from long-term exposures to low-intensity electromagnetic radiation is that of prudent avoidance, under which action should be taken to avoid or lessen exposures that can be reduced at reasonable cost. Radiansa Consulting is committed to provide products and services to our clients in accordance with this principle.

Please feel free to contact us with your inquiry.

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