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AARTOS Drone Detection System:
Camera integration

A new addition to the AARTOS DDS is the optional Visual Detection System, a fully integrated opticial and thermal drone detection solution.

The option enables the user to visually spot detected drones from a distance, and identify potentially dangerous payloads attached to the drone, such as explosives.

Jammer set-up tool

Visual Detection System (IP66 housing)

Should the drone go into autonomous flying mode whilst being tracked by the Visual Detection System, the tracking will continue regardless.

Drone detector camera views

Full HD camera view (left) and thermal camera view (right) in the RTSA Suite software

  • Includes thermal camera for night imaging
  • Sophisticated tracking and analysis algorithm
  • Maximum resolution 1920x1080px (full HD)
  • Maximum thermal resolution 640x512px
  • 49x optical zoom
  • 16x optical zoom
  • Operating temperature -35º - 60ºC
  • Operating humidity to 90%
  • Lightning protection
  • Pan: 360º continuous rotation
  • Download Camara datasheet

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