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AARTOS Drone Detection System:
Jammer integration

The AARTOS Drone Detection System cna be extended to include an automated integrated jammer that prevents a drone from recieving RF control signals, thus forcing it into fail-safe mode, usually to land safely or return to its point of origin.

The interference created is highly frequecy-specific, so that other radio signals are not affected. As well as being frequency-specific, the jamming signal is only emitted in the direction of the drone.

Using the powerful jammer set-up tool, beam sectors and omni-directional beams can be configured, even complex beamforming shapes can be constructed or imported. This enables de user ti see the coveage of every jammer and frequency on the GIS display (see image below).

Jammer set-up tool

Jammer set-up tool

Jammer options

Mobile Backpack Jammer

Mobile Backpack Jammer

Automatic Corner Jammer (180º)

Automatic Corner Jammer

Automatic Omni-Jammer (360º)

Automatic Omni Jammer

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