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radon mitigation and energy saving

We supply architectural membranes that form an impermeable barrier to radon gas, suitable for installation in new constructions, and during reformation work.

We offer services tailores to the needs of our clients, including (as required) design shielding design, materials supply, installation, also we provide a radon testing service (ISO/IEC 17025 certified) to measure radon levels in the building after installation of the radon barriers.

Sisalex 871

The radon membrane Sisalex 871 is composed of 2 layers of polyethylene, reinforced with a polyester fibre matrix, and incorporating an aluminium layer (0.02mm).

The material can be used in new constructions and renovation work, and can be installed on all horizontal and vertical constructed surfaces, thus isolating the building from radon exhaled from the subsoil.

Due to it's impermeability, Sisalex 871 can be used to reinforce or even replace vapor or conventional gas barriers. Sisalex 871 barrera contra el radón

Sisalex 871 radon barrier

Sisalex 871 installation examples
Sisalex 871 application examples

Sisalex 871 on-site installation
another Sisalex 871 on-site installations1
Sisalex 871 on-site installations

Ampacoll® Sisalex 871 specifications:

  • Effective barrier against the ingress of radón, methane, carbon dioxide, and other toxic gases.
  • Highly resistant against tears and breaks
  • Resistant to alkalis and ultraviolet radiation
  • Flexible material, easy to handle and install
  • Dimensions: Rolls of 50 m x 2 m (100 m2 per roll)
  • Thickness: 0.4 mm
  • Weight: 363 g / m2
  • Minimum overlap beween installed sections: 15 cm
  • Radon permeability: 2.3 x 10-12 m2 s-1
  • Radon transmission factor: 7.2 x 10-9 ms-1
  • Certification: EN13984:2005-02/2007

Sisalex 871

XT60 sealing tape

Ampacoll® XT60 is a tear-resistant acrylic adhesive tape, used for final sealing of the overlaps (minimum 15cm) between adjacent laid sections of the Sisalex 871 radon membrane. Roll dimensions 25 m x 60 mm.

sisalex XT60 sealing tape

BK530 sealing tape:

Ampacoll® BK530 is a double-sides butyl rubber strip, used to hermetically seal overlaps of adjacent laid sections of the Sisalex 871 membrane. Roll dimensions 25 meters x 15 mm x 2 mm.

sisalex BK530 sealing tape

BK535 sealing tape:

Ampacoll® BK535 is a hand-moldable butyl rubber sleeve material, adhesive on one side, that can be elastically formed in 3 dimensions, used to hermetically seal joins between the Sisalex 871 radon barrier, and perforating elements such as pipes, tubes, conduits, etc. Roll dimensions 5 meters x 50 mm x 2 mm.

sisalex BK535 sealing tape

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RADONSTOP anti-radon material is a torch-applied, modified bitumen membrane, reinforced with glassfibre, and containing a 0.02mm aluminium foil layer. Total thickness is 4mm.

The membrane is applied to horizontal or vertical surfaces, in new constructions and renovation work, in thus isolating the building from radon exhaled from the subsoil. Radonstop barrera contra el radón

Radonstop radon barrier

Colocación de la membrana Radonstop
Radonstop installation examples

Instalación de radonstop com antorcha
Radonstop installation with torch.

Radonstop specifications:

  • Format: Rolls 1 m width, 10m length
  • Base material: BPE - Elastomeric bitumen
  • Support material: Glass fibre
  • Top surface: Sand
  • Underside surface: PP film
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Weight: 3-4 kg/m2
  • Radon permeability: < 0.1 cm3/m2x24h xAtm
  • Download datasheet


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