Radon gas measurement equipment

Radiansa supplies instruments for measurement of radon gas levels in homes and workplaces, for both professional and domestic use, also equipment for measurement of radon concentrations in water and soil.

RAD7 Radon measurement system

RAD7 Radon measurement system The RAD7 continually measures radon and thoron concentration, showing both on a spectrum printout, and also functions as a sniffer with audible count signal to locate radon entry points. The unit features the fastest response and recovery time of any system on the market, and is able to measure radon concentrations at the 200 Bq/m3 action level (UK and EU new buildings) in less than 1 hour with 10% standard deviation. The virtual absence of intrinsic background (0.2 Bq/m3) gives the RAD7 an extremely low detection threshold, easily measuring below 4 Bq/m3. The instrument is microcomputer controlled, featuring step-by-step instructions for ease of use. Data can be displayed on the unit's LCD, printed on external printer (supplied) or downloaded to a PC for further analysis. The unit is a complete, portable stand-alone system with a built-in air pump, supplied in a rugged carrying case, total weight 5 kg. Additional accessories allow measurement of radon in soil and water (continuous and sample measurement); the RAD AQUA continuous water measurement accessory allows measurement of radon in water to extremely low concentrations.

Rstone Continuous radon gas sensor

Rstone radon sensor RStone is a compact and innovative Radon gas sensor, programmed and managed through a simple user interface of two buttons and a display or connected to a PC (via a wireless link). Despite being intuitive and easy-to-use for non-expert users, RStone delivers a complete set of information including instantaneous and average Radon concentration, temperature, relative humidity and pressure. The Rstone is a stand-alone device, available in 3 configurations:
Basic - Rstone sensor that can be programmed and managed through the simple on-board user interface. Radon concentration measurements are readable directly on the instrument's LCD display panel.
Plus- in addition to the sensor itself, a USB radio key (RKey), and control software EasyRadon are included. RKey, by means of a proprietary wireless link and in conjunction with EasyRadon, allows for remote programming and managemenent RStone via an easy-to-use interface, download and view measurement data to a PC, and print a complete measurement report that includes detailed information on radon concentrations and data in tabular and graphical form.
Pro - the most complete configuration, for profesional users. The RStone is supplied with a USB key and RadonPro software, a professional application that makes it possible to remotely program and manage up to ten RStone devices simultaneously. RadonPro allows the user to download more detailed data in a format compatible with most spreadsheet applications for further processing, in addition to print format.

E-PERM Radon measurement system

E-Perm radon measurement The E-PERM system employs re-usable passive integrating ionization chambers, known as electret ion chambers, which are placed in the measurement location for a specific period of time and then read out with a user-friendly electret voltage reader. Electret ion chambers are low cost devices and are supplied in order quantities of 10, thus several measurement locations can be surveyed simultaneously. Short term chambers (measurement period from several days to several weeks, sensitivity 300 Bq/m3-days with short-term electret) and long term chambers (measurement period several weeks to several months, sensitivity 75 Bq/m3-days with long-term electret) are available. As passive devices with no moving parts or electronic components, electret ion chambers are suitable for use in a wide range of locations and conditions. Radon concentrations are calculated from the electret voltage reduction using a handheld computer or PC. Accessories for measurement of radon in water are also available.

Radon Scout continuous air monitors

Radon scout radon monitor The Radon Scout family of radon detectors are easy-to-use instruments for measuring radon concentration in air, updating the measurement every 1 hour (a 3 hour integration period can also be specified). The instruments can measure a radon concentration of 100 Bq/m3 in 2 - 3 hours. The instrument must be connected to a PC to download and visualize measured data (although the Radon Scout Plus version incorporates a small display to show the radon level). The internal memory of the instrument can store 670 data sets (1 month of measurements @ 1 dataset per hour), including radon level in Bq/m3, exposure time, temperature, relative humidity, and measurement precision (the Radon Scout Plus also measures atmospheric pressure). The instruments run on 2 D-size batteries, and the Radon Scout Plus also has a connection for an external power supply, making it an ideal instrument for long-term measurements in work places, homes, public buildings, etc.

Canary digital radon monitor

canary radon gas monitor

The Canary is a low-cost portable digital radon monitor, that runs on AAA batteries (average battery life 3 years). The Canary is especially useful for homeowners who wish to make radon measurements and reliably monitor the indoor radon concentrations themselves. The monitor shows radon levels averaged over 1 and 7 days, as well as the long term average since the Canary was switched on or reset. If the long term measurement period is over one, year, the long term average is for the last full year is displayed. Recommendations of health authorities for safe indoor radon levels can easily be deduced with the Canary and the device is also well suited to verify the success of radon remediation actions. Afetr the Canary is switched on, the device performs a 3 minute self calibration, and measurement begins. The user should leave the Canary in the please of measurement at least 24 hours befroe taking th efirst measurement.

Ramon 2.2 Continuous radon monitor

Ramon 2.2 radon gas monitor

The Ramon 2.2 Radon monitor is specially designed to allow homeowners to make radon measurements and reliably monitor the indoor radon concentrations themselves. Recommendations of health authorities for safe indoor radon levels can easily be deduced with the Ramon 2.2, and the device is also well suited to verify the success of radon remediation actions. Sampling procedure starts automatically as soon as power is connected, after a short self-test. When initially powered up samples need to be taken for 48 hours before an accurate reading is displayed. The Ramon 2.2 can notify the user of radon gas levels on both a short-term and long-term basis. The display is updated every hour if there is a change in the level of radon gas.

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