Emission security:
protection against unwanted or illicit electromagnetic emissions

Electromagnetic shielding for Emission Security (EMSEC or emanations security, and often broadly referred to as TEMPEST, a codename coined by the US governement) is a growing new field of application for high-frequency screening systems.

Our expertise in architectural shielding against microwave and radio-frequency radiation provides us with unrivalled experience in the installation of electromagnetic shielding used for EMSEC applications, and the ability to provide highly efficient and cost effective solutions to our clients regardless of project size.

Industrial espionage, as well as wireless attacks from hackers and identity thieves, can be prevented by the installation of an effective emissions security shielding system. The installation is unobtrusive and visually undetectable, providing an additional line of defence for sensitive and commercially valuable information.

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EMSEC emission security

Protection against listening devices and WLAN security

Electromagnetic shielding is an effective measure in blocking the radiofrequency emissions of listening devices, bugs or other wireless communications devices installed illicitly in meeting rooms and offices, also in avoiding the unauthorized use or interception of data transmitted by wifi or bluetooth, and denying the use of cellphones. Our standard sheilding material is a metallized polyamide fleece with shielding effectiveness of 100 dB at a frequecy of 1 GHz, which can be installaled on walls, floors and clielings and subsequently covered by standard materials like plasterboard and flooring laminates if requiured. Doors, windows and other openings must be shielded - we carry a full range of materials, including shielded air vents, to form a complete electromagnetic enclosure.

Similar techniques are used to to protect wireless systems such as wifi against hacking. The first line of defence for your IT systems is a correct configuration of your software security, including secure passwords and encryption, but sophisticated hackers could overcome these barriers giving the attacker access to sensitive corporate information, email accounts, etc. Thus wifi signals emitted outside your premises represent a weak point in your data security. EMSEC shielding avoids this situation. The shielding system should be designed bearing in mind the fact that cellphones used by your employees can also be affected.

Van Eck emissions

The interception of Van Eck emissions (sometimes known as Van Eck phreaking) is an espionage procedure that uses the detection of electromagnetic emissions from computer monitors to reconstruct the content of the screen.

The information shown on a computer screen is transmitted to the monitor by high-frequency electrical signals, which also generate electromagnetic radiation. This electromagnetic radiation can traverse walls and distances of tens of meters - and can in principal be deconvoluted to reveal the content of the computer screen.

The effect was discovered in 1985 (by the Dutchman Van Eck) using cathode-ray (CRT) monitors, but more recent research by investigators at the University of Cambridge has shown that flat screen LCD monitors, and laptop screens are also vulnerable to detection and decoding of Van Eck radiation. In this case, the equipment used to decode the signals in the laboratory was relativly unsophisticated and cost less than $2000.

A suitably designed EMSEC system discreetly blocks the emission of Van Eck signals from your computer outside your offices.

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