Shielding materials
for X-rays and gamma radiation

We supply shielding materials, including leaded glass cut to our customer's specification, for the shielding of X-rays and gamma raditation.

Lead glass windows for X-ray shielding

ventana de rayos-X

Lead glass for x-ray shielding is a special type of glass that incorporates lead oxide instead of calcium oxide, to increase the glass density.

The glass is used for shielding operators of X-ray scanning and diagnostic equipment in hospitals and industrial installations, while maintaining visual contact with the X-ray installation. Lead glasses are also used to shield low-energy gamma rays.

Our standard glass is equivalent to a lead thickness 2.1 mm at an X-ray energy of 150 kV; we can supply in any dimension specified by the client, to a a maximum of 2400mmx120mm. Lead equivalences up to 5.4mm Pb are available.

  • Refractive index (Nd): 1.76
  • Light transmission: >85%
  • Young's modulus: 62,7
  • maximum size (mm): 2400 X 1200
  • Density: 4.8 gm/cm3
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