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ZF3 Lead glass for X-ray shielding

Lead glass is a transparent shielding material for reducing X-ray exposures

Lead glass X-ray windows

Lead glass is a type of glass that contains lead oxide rather than calcium oxide in its composition. The material is used to make shielded windows, so that operators of X-ray emitting equipment can visually observe their machines and installations safely while they are in operation. Lead glass windows are fitted in hospitals, laboratories, non-destructive testing installations, etc.

Our ZF3 lead glass has a lead content of over 70% and combines a high X-ray attenuation coefficient with high optical transparency. The material does not suffer discoloration due to radiation exposure, and has a hard, scratch-resistant surface.

Standard lead glass thickness is 8 mm, equivalent to 1.8 - 2.0 mm Pb (based on peak X-ray energy of 150 kV), although we can also supply greater thicknesses of 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm and 20 mm (equivalent to 2.4 mmPb, 2.9 mmPb, 3.7 mmPb, and 4.9 mmPb respectively) if necessary.

Technical data

  • Refractive index (Nd): 1.69
  • Thermal expansion coefficient: 80 x 10-7 /°C (30-380°)
  • Mohs' hardness: 6
  • Max size(mm): 2400 X 1200
  • Minimum Density: 4.6 gm/cm3

We supply lead glass panes of the following standard sizes, dimensions in mm:

400x300 600x400 800x600 900x600
1000x800 1200x800 1200x900 1200x1000
1500x1000 2000x1000 2400x1100  

Please feel free to contact us for a quotation or for any other additional information.

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