Measurement instruments for microwave and radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation

The emergence of a new generation of economically priced and reliable high-frequency measurement instruments means that accurate exposure assessments can now made by professionals working in far wider areas of the environmental and public health sectors than previously possible.

Developed largely as a response to the growing proliferation of telecommunications antennae in the city landscape, these instruments facilitate measurement and analysis previously only possible with instrumentation in the $10k and above range, and are used for exposure assessments, legal conformance, and installation and testing of shielding systems.

Spectran HF Spectrum analyzers

Spectran delivery kit

The Spectran range of frequency analyzers combine ease-of-use with advanced features including the ability to express radiation intensity as a percentage of current ICNIRP recommendations, as well as standard units (W/m2 and V/m, autoranging). Frequency bands used by the mobile telephone operators (GSM, UMTS) are preprogrammed in the meter and can be analyzed individually. Other features include frequency spectrum display on a large LCD screen, and audio demodulation. Delivery kits include an aluminium carrying case, directional antenna, charger, tripod and manual. Options include internal datalogger with expandable memory. Connection to a PC is possible via a USB port and further signal analysis can be performed using license-free software (contact us for the latest version). Spectran HF meters are supplied with a directional probe which allows the user to isolate signals from individual antenna sites, isotropic probes also available. Please contact us for more information and prices.

Gigahertz Solutions Broadband HF meters

HF35C meter and probe

A range of high-frequency broadband meters with directional probes, available with frequency ranges 800 MHz - 2.5 GHz, 27 MHz - 2.5 GHz and a version optimised for measurement of emissions from wireless applications and networks (Wifi, Bluetooth, Wimax etc) in the range 2.4 GHz - 6 GHz. Radiation intensity is expressed in units of µW/m2 (conversion table to V/m on back of instrument), while a selector allows the user to switch between measurement of the average power density, and the peak power density of the signal. The broadband-directional charatersitics of the Gigahertz Solutions meters, together with an audio signal (click, turn-offable) emitted in proportion to radiation intensity are particularly useful for designing, installing and testing electromagnetic shielding systems. Please contact us for more information and prices.

EMF-839 Broadband isotropic meters

EMF-839 meter and probes

The EMF-839 meters are broadband (100 kHz - 3 Ghz) RF and microwave measurement devices supplied with isotropic (tri-axial) probes to allow for measurement of total exposure to RF and microwave radiation from all directions. Two probes are supplied with the meter, for low frequencies (100 kHz - 100 MHz) and high frequencies (100 MHz - 3 GHz). Measurement units can be set to W/m2, mW/m2, and V/m. The meters feature a datalogging function (manual or auto, 16000 points, sampling times between 1 second and 9 hours), and an alarm to warn if a preset radiation threshold is exceeded. A peak-hold function allows peak values to be maintained on the LCD readout. Power is supplied the EMF-839 by one 9 V battery; accessories include a 9V power adapter, compact metal transport case, and memory cards for the external probes. Please contact us for more information and prices.

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